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Dominique Medici

May 12th - May 18th, 2024


Join us for an all-inclusive workshop that will demystify portrait painting for you once and for all!  Break down the challenge of capturing your subject into a manageable and systematic 4-step process you can use to get amazing results every time! 

Discover how to accurately mix any color by working with a limited palette of only 7 colors and deepen your understanding of the relationship between hue, value, and chroma.

Never be stuck again wondering how to get the right mix, learn how to create nuanced flesh tones in 3 simple steps.


Each morning we will paint alla prima (single session) portraits and in the afternoon we will paint one sustained portrait for the week. Working both short and long poses sharpens our observation and helps us to work more efficiently. Every student will receive individual critiques each session.

While Dominique will work and teach oil painting techniques primarily, students are welcome to work in the medium of their choosing.​

Secrets of Portrait Painting

  • Step into a professional classroom setting and begin your artistic journey. Enjoy the convenience of our fully equipped space, where you will have all you need including easels, palettes, medium, solvents, and a dedicated cleaning station. Traveling light? We offer on-site rental for all the paints in this course, we stock canvas, paper,  and a variety of other painting surfaces you can try. Choose the materials that call to you, and bring your vision to life. When it's time for a breather, rejuvenate with refreshments in our studio kitchen and enjoy delightful home-cooked Italian lunches. Dive in, paint, and savor every moment! 

    In this workshop,  you will learn how to…

    • Simplify and translate proportions from 3d to 2d

    • Average and mass values shapes

    • Create 4 types of contrast in your painting

    • Mix any color in just 3 steps

    • Interpret colors when they aren't obvious

    • Troubleshoot when things go awry

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