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Samantha Stover

September 1st - 7th, 2024


Ever felt a disconnection between your emotions and the marks you make? Are you struggling with translating the energy of a live model into your work? Samantha addresses these challenges, and more, bridging the gap between emotion and expression. Together we will explore the foundations of figure drawing, and invite you to go beyond, capturing not just what you see, but also what you feel. With one-on-one dedicated mentorship, you'll dive into the nuances of controlling color to channel emotion, capturing dynamic figures and moments in time. This workshop will show you how to strike the balance between swift strokes and deliberate detailing.

Embrace the freedom of creativity while grounding yourself in a historical lineage of figure drawing. Experience the thrill of working daily from a live model, navigating between long and short poses, and the exhilarating realm of continuous motion drawing!

Set against the bright sunny backdrop of the Mediterranean, this all-inclusive workshop will liberate you from the daily grind and bring you to a deeper connection with your own unique voice as an artist.

Expressive Pastel Drawing

  • Pastels, with their versatile nature, offer an ideal platform for both painting and drawing enthusiasts to experiment and evolve. Dive into a transformative experience as you sketch the human form, live and in motion. Gone are dull limited palettes, we will be diving headfirst into the world of vivid color with daily demos and hands-on drawing exercises.

    For your convenience, all essential materials for the workshop are provided.

    In addition, you'll enjoy several excursions to gorgeous local sites during the week, where the group will apply lessons from the studio "en plein-air". Immerse yourself in Pastel sketching, soaking in the region's radiant hues and vibrant atmosphere.

    ​Refreshments are available throughout the workshop during the breaks, and delicious home-cooked Italian lunches and dinners provide the perfect setting for getting to know Samantha and your fellow participants. Whether you're just starting out or have years of artistic experience, this workshop is for you.

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