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Delve into a week of hands-on immersion, shaping the human form with clay, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Sicily. Whether you're a budding sculptor or a seasoned artist, Melanie's workshop offers a comprehensive experience tailored for all.
Learn the principles of sculpting the human form in clay under the radiant Sicilian sun in this all-inclusive retreat.

With a live model as your muse, we will explore the world of clay, bringing to life the volume, gesture, and intricacies of the human form in three dimensions.


  • Learn all about working with clay, including making your works kiln-ready.
  • Master the use of sculpting tools to create life-like forms in clay
  • Delve into the foundation of anatomy to understand the structure
  • Learn a simple system of measurement to capture figure proportions with precision.
  • Elegantly portray the fluidity of the figure at rest.

Beyond these core competencies, Melanie will teach you:

  • The balance of observational and intuitive artistry while sculpting from a model.
  • Self-assessment techniques to critically evaluate and refine your artwork.
  • Optimal working methods to quickly improve your sculpting outcomes.

Blending instructive exercises with extended sculpting sessions, Melanie's guidance will focus on capturing a prolonged pose of the figure in serene repose. In addition to working in the studio, the group will make day trips to visit must-see locations and learn more about the historical importance and impact Sicily had on the world of sculpture and art. Join us for a sculpture retreat that will inspire your artistic spirit and lift you to new levels in your figure sculpting.

New Student - Early Bird Sculpting the Figure

    • Materials & Tools:
      High-quality clay and a full set of sculpting tools are provided to ensure you can craft without limitations!

    • Culture & Cuisine:  
      Bond with Melanie and fellow participants as you enjoy home-cooked Italian lunches at our studio, followed by sumptuous dinners at the hotel. It's a culinary journey through Sicily's finest.

    • Historic Explorations: 
      Venture to the ancient ruins of classical greek citadels, and explore some of the best-preserved examples of Greek temples. Embark on a trip to the island of Mozia, a hidden gem, home to historic sculptural discoveries.

    • Live Model Sessions: 
      Each day, be inspired by a live model, with 360-degree access in a professional studio. Nothing will stand between you and creating a masterpiece.

    • Guidance & Feedback:
      Every day Melanie will give live demonstrations and personalized one-on-one feedback, ensuring a transformative leap in your sculpting skills.

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