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Dionisio Cimarelli

Sculpting the Bust in Clay

May 5th - May 11th, 2024

Sculpting the Bust in Clay

Dionisio Cimarelli


Marsala, Sicily


May 5th - May 11th, 2024






Water based clay


All levels welcome


Maximum 13


Join us for an all-inclusive sculpture workshop with Dionisio Cimarelli, uncovering the secrets to creating stunning clay busts. There will be a focus on the methods and tools needed to make a bust directly from a live model in order to study anatomy, structure, proportion, skull, and facial features, with careful observation of different expressions and exploring a variety of possible artistic interpretations.
It will provide an understanding of techniques from Italian and European Old Masters, all while being surrounded by the impossible beauty of Marsala's stunning seascape and ancient greek and roman ruins and sculptures. 

At the end of each day, you will return to a gorgeous boutique hotel nestled among the olive groves. Enjoy the astonishing sunsets. Sit back and relax by the pool as the chef prepares delicious meals for the group. Recharge after a full day of sculpting and get to know your classmates and instructor in a laid-back, enjoyable atmosphere, making new art friends for life!

Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced sculptor, you'll have the chance to develop your skills in a supportive and welcoming environment. Dionisio will provide daily critiques and demos. The teaching will accommodate all levels, and beginners will soon find themselves on their way to mastering the principles of clay sculpting, while more experienced sculptors will take their work to the next level. 

We can't wait to see you soon!


Step into a professional classroom setting and begin your artistic journey with a live model available for an immersive 360° portrait sculpting experience. Enjoy the convenience of our fully equipped space, complete with model stands, armatures, and a dedicated cleaning station. Need tools? We offer on-site rental for all essential modeling tools. Choose the material that calls to you, be it water-based clay or terracotta, and bring your vision to life. When it's time for a breather, rejuvenate with refreshments and a delightful Italian home-cooked lunch. Dive in, sculpt, and savor every moment! 



6 nights


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Pickup at Palermo (PMO) airport.
See our pickup policy


Water based clay (Terracotta)


The workshop includes all the modeling tools and clay needed to complete your own bust. 


You will be staying at Baglio Custera, a boutique hotel in the heart of Marsala’s countryside. Known for its gardens and luxurious swimming pool, this modern resort stands on the Rakalia hill, the site of an ancient shrine to Hercules, surrounded by olive and orange groves. Baglio Custera is a brand new hotel built on ancient lines, those of the "baglio," or farmhouse.

From start to finish you will enjoy the extraordinary cuisine of the region influenced by the unique flavors of the Mediterranean including garden-fresh vegetables, ancient grains, and seafood. All meals, accommodation, and daily ground transport are Included in your package, including a celebratory welcome dinner with Dionisio.

Car rental is not necessary but recommended.

Dionisio Cimarelli

Meet Dionisio! Not just any sculptor; he's trained with the best from Carrara's Academy of Fine Arts, the Repin Institute of Arts (St. Petersburg, Russia), and the Academy of Fine Arts (Prague, Czech Republic). His work is showcased everywhere from the grandeur of the Berlin Philharmonic to the vibrant corners of the Venice Biennale and Beijing's International Art Biennale. 


Ever wandered around the Louvre Museum or admired the architectural marvels in Stockholm's Royal Palace? Chances are you've witnessed his restoration magic. Dionisio's diverse talents have also led him to supervise stunning architecture in China and provide editorial expertise to China's Sculpture Magazine.


He’s also shared his knowledge at places like London's Wimbledon School of Art and even took a professorial jaunt in Riyadh. Now, you can catch him inspiring the next generation of artists at The Art Students League, as well as at exclusively intimate workshops throughout Europe and the United States.